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Jining, Inner Mongolia to camp spot 35km, 27/4/11

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

After packing up, scoffing some Boatza (delicious little steamed buns filled with meat), taking some photos and telling the locals what we were up to, we finally got on the road about midday.

Chris with new Extra Wheel

Chris with new Extra Wheel

Leaving Jining

Leaving Jining

Finding our way out of Jining was fine and we stopped to fill up our fuel bottles with petrol. The woman there was concerned that I was cold in my cycling shorts and gave us some hot water to take on our journey.

The road was fine, tarmac and not too busy. The real challenge was the wind, mostly a side wind but a headwind too at times. With a few stops along the way and tired legs after 4 months without cycling (for me) we reached 35km around 5.30pm. My knees were really hurting now so I wanted to stop and camp. Chris went off exploring and found a great spot for us, off the road.

Chris relaxing with a coffee

Chris relaxing with a coffee

We set up our new tent and enjoyed a coffee and biscuits as the sunset, all very civilised don’t you know!

Liz in new Hilleberg Stakia tent

Liz in our new Hilleberg Stakia tent

As I type he is cooking up broccoli, spring onion, smoked ham, red pepper and rice on our stove, smells divine! There is a definite chill in the air and I am wearing leggings, fleece trousers, 2 icebreaker base layers and my new Montane jacket, plus thick socks, down boots and a buff. The only thing that’s cold are my hands, as I type!

Aiming to get a few more kms done tomorrow so we shall see. 300km to the border…. visa runs out 5th May!

p.s. we know that you’re porbably wondering what happened to Chris in the mountains and what we have been doing for the last month, well Chris is going to finish his tales of bears, snow andTtibetans as we go, and I’ll tell you more about Chengdu, Xi’an and Beijing. But for now we wanted to keep you up to date with our latest adventures as we head north to Mongolia.

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