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Visiting the schools in Yorkshire

Monday, June 25th, 2012

After Bikeabout Ambleside I had a day to prepare for my visit to Hawes and Middleham schools. Both schools have been followingour trip for over a year. We had had Skype chats and emails during this time but now we were going to meet in person.

I was looked after well by Mr E and Mrs M and her family, and supplied with plenty of food to curb my huge appetite that had not disappeared yet. I had been eating about 5000 – 6000 calories a day in the weeks before returning to England to give me enough fuel to cycle long distances and live happily with sub zero temperatures in an Alpkit bivi bag.

My first day was spent at Hawes School. During the assembly I got to meet the whole school and was presented with a large tin of money that they kids had raised for Child’s Dream. It is quite amazing what a school with less than 100 pupils can do.

The rest of the morning was spent visiting different classrooms and sharing a selection of pictures from different countries. I was really happy with how the kids engaged. From each picture we could talk about a range of topic from culture, religion, wildlife to science and geography.

During lunch time I got to sample some of the school dinners and spend some time chatting with the kids. It was great to have been asked so many interesting questions.

With a full tummy I sat down in front of the green screen and was interviewed by some of the older students about the trip. Check out their great interview skills .

To round off the day we went outside to battle light winds and the cold, to put up the tent. The kids looked at all the different things that I carry in my bags paying close attention to what I used to sleep in and keep warm at night. The sleeping bag and camping mats went down well and we were able to explore how heat is lost and how we can prevent this. Having a cold Yorkshire day outside made the learning experience so much more real.

The next day I arrived at Middleham school, ready for another big day. Many of the kids brought their bikes to school and the local PCSO’s were in school to teach the kids some safe cycling. As well as this, the Middleham school mums and maybe dads, had been busy baking for ‘Buns for Bikeabout’. During lunch time and home time buns and cakes were on sale and all the money went to Child’s Dream. A whopping £158.25 was raised, brilliant for a small school and some homemade buns!

My day at Middleham was also full of sharing and relating. The contents of the bags were emptied out and the kids got a good look at all of the things I carried with me. With Mrs M class we had a big discussion about what kind of things you would take if you were going to India. In the afternoon we put up the tent Mrs M got to try out my sleeping mat and we cooked up some beans on the stove. Another brilliant day, check out the video the school made about my visit.


A big thanks to both schools for having me and for helping raise money for Child’s Dream. I hope I can come back one day and share some more of my adventures with you.

Next time I’ll be sharing the journey I took across Europe in the winter to get back to England!

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