Hello and Welcome back!

A big sorry for the sudden drop off in blogging, the end of the cycling suddenly hit me and I was finding it quite difficult to cope. Life seemed fast passed and everybody seemed so busy, I went from having one focus, cycling, to having to think about many things at once.

Over the next weeks I shall be finishing off the bikeabout blog, telling the story of my journey back through Europe last winter, the return to England and finally what’s next. Although I suspect that some of the latter will be up to you. There will also be a big kit review for all the geeks out there. If you don’t want to miss anything make sure you are signed up to get the blogs by email, RSS, Facebook or Twitter.

I was asked ‘Is it strange to be back’; initially I said ‘NO’. Things were quite normal, I was moving from one place to the next seeing people and still living out of pannier bags. It was not until I finally got to spend two consecutive weeks in our flat in Manchester and was surrounded by so much stuff crammed into boxes that I suddenly felt strange. I hate to admit it but I was depressed. I decided to leave everything bikeabout behind, ignore emails and let it be. Perhaps I was delaying the end, the final blog posts that would mark the end of what has been an incredible adventure. So another sorry if you have felt let down in some way by my lack of communication it’s nothing personal I just could not cope.

However as the last of the boxes were unpacked and the flat seemed less like the biggest pannier explosion in the world, things started to get better and my attention was diverted to our wedding. What was once a distant event was now only weeks away and there was a lot to do.

flying Liz

Well the most magnificent wedding has been and gone, Liz and I are married and the next chapter of our lives begins. Before the pages of the next chapter can be written though I fell it is important for me to write and perhaps interesting for you, to read about how the previous chapter ended.

Coming Soon!

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  1. Crispy says:

    Welcome back to you – and congratulations on a truly magnificent wedding! Wishing you both every happiness for your continuing lives together.

    ….ooooh….. geeky kit review. Can’t wait!

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