Mongolian Microadventure

We filmed our 3 day adventure, however our laptop couldn’t cope with the large video files, so instead we’ve made this (4mb with sound):

This movie requires Flash Player 8

Music by Eddie Vedder from the movie  ‘Into the Wild’.

See the photos of our adventure

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8 Responses to “Mongolian Microadventure”

  1. You guys have some talent! Love the video, I’d like to have the embed code to post it on our school blog! However that is probably not possible. We raised £115 for the ‘Children’s Dream’ by selling books, cakes and dressing up.


    Mr E

  2. Crispy says:

    Very creative! The music makes the whole adventure seem strangely restful…

  3. Liz Wilton says:

    Hi David, it’s actually a flash file (swf) so you should be able to embed it. Let me try emailing it to you… It was fun making it and having chance to be creative.

    Great news about the fundraising, that’s fabulous, thank you so much for supporting Child’s Dream and us! Please say a big well done to the children and everyone who took part, it means a lot!

  4. Liz Wilton says:

    Ha yes it is a little misleading eh! That said I listen to this album a lot whilst cycling and in the remote wilderness of Mongolia (and slow pace!) it somehow seems appropriate.

  5. Congrats, I think we both made it out of Mongolia just before it got too cold. I had a great goodbye from Dash and Bayanjig. Also had one last grand adventure in the Gobi desert. I arrived home last night to a crying mommy and happy daddy. My journals and photos are all finalized on my site if you want to check them out. Good Luck and keep in touch. I also finished up stuff with Amara the ger man!

    Could I please post this video on my website? Liz, how do I do that?

  6. Liz Wilton says:

    Hey Colin, great to hear from you, must be surreal being home?? Glad you like our little video. It’s a swf file (flash) so I can email it to you and yeah I’d be delighted if you have it on your site, that’s very cool, thanks.

  7. Andrew says:

    Nice work. I have passed it on to several others. It will help to inspire the adventurous spirit in them!

  8. Terry McCormick says:

    Hello Liz and Chris,

    I’ve just enjoyed your video and the music and your photo’s. I will show to the team at ACT in Redhills to inspire (and give a little mini-break to in the working day). Have you come into contact with shamanism at all? Have you made any ‘primal’ links and connections between the community in Mongolia and our Cumbrian pastoralists?



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