New way to charge GPS and Phones from your bike

Pedal Power+ have recently launched a new product the Super i Cable or SIC cable.  The SIC has additional advanced technology to enable complete compatibility with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 charging systems as well as being able to charge standard mobile phones, Smartphones, Android, GPS and other small electronic devices that can be charged from USB connection.

It hooks up to your bike dynamo and has a built in battery that will help charge your favourite gadgets when your are out and about.  The SIC cable was designed as a lightweight option for mountain bikers, commuters and day riders. Imagine tracking your favourite mountain bike route without your phone or GPS dying half way or just charging your phone on the way to work, for free.  When added to the exciting V4 or V4i battery packs it gives you up to 8,900 mAh of power, great for bicycle tourists that want to get off the beaten track but still keep listening to music, update the blog, call mum and read your book at night.

We have used our V4 battery packs every day that we have cycled, over the past twenty months. Most recently this allowed us to keep the blog updated during our crossing of the Gobi desert. See our complete electronics set up here.

Some of you may know that we are sponsored by Pedal Power Plus, but we can honestly say that their products are great.  We hope to get a SIC cable sent out to us in Mongolia soon and will be reporting back on how it copes and helps us as we cross western Mongolia.

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sic cable

The all inclusive SIC set includes:
A high capacity 2200mAh 18650 Protected, Rechargeable, internal battery that is customer replaceable. Do not use any other type battery.
A short iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod cable
A short Micro USB cable
A short Mini USB cable
A short standard female USB cable
Nokia 2mm and 3.5 adapters
A led test cable
A piggyback adapter set
A handlebar clip mount
International wall charger set
External mini USB charging socket
Cable ties
Owners manual

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