So what’s Indonesia like, I hear you ask?

well to demonstrate the brain-overload experienced daily, here is what Indonesia is like:

lush green hot hot hot traditional “hello mister” fans scooters rice sweat black tea sweeping satay ayam beautiful hand crafts innovative food markets rich mosquitoes rubbish stray dogs blue warm water monopoly money “hello how are you, where you go?” squat toilets 24/7 palm trees rice old bicycles cows “beep beep” papaya ornate friendly children playing decorative statues rain freedom poor yellow and white flowers drums little health and safety coconuts busy smoking geckos resourceful nasi goreng crazy driving smiles from strangers mosques warung fishing boats old ladies in sarongs refreshing banana pancakes “give you cheap price” colourful bad eyes incense temples more rice helpful kamikaze chickens industrious cold mandy showers over-taking sticky prayers turtles bottled water rats massage generators contrasting noisy beautiful oh and did i mention rice… you get the idea….

Ha ha now that we’ve shared that with you, perhaps you may want us to expand a little? Perhaps pictures say more than words..


mirror matarampaddy fields


Gili Meno

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