St Swithun’s Banner Competition

I set the students at St Swithun’s School in Winchester a challenge to created drawings to go on the welcome home banner for Bikeabout London on 11th Feb, to welcome Chris home.

Having spent all day with them telling them about our trip, showing photos and letting them see all of our equipment, they had plenty to go on.  Together with Teacher Karen Sprunt, we suggested that they think about what Chris might have missed whilst being away and also what type of bike you might want to do a round the world trip.

The pupils also raised £100 for our charity,  Child’s Dream in the process, by paying to enter the competition. These are the winning entries…

A huge well done and thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners:

Grace aged 6

Rose aged 9

Alice L aged 8

Melissa aged 8

Madeleine aged 9

Jessie aged 4 – overall winner!

Sarah aged 10

Keturah aged 4

Alice aged 7

Hermione aged 5

Phoebe aged 10

Em aged 10

I am very impressed at the level of detail in the pictures, the colourfulness and creativity, but also how much thought went into the drawings. I’m sure that Chris will be very touched when he sees the big welcome home banner as he reaches Greenwich, London.


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