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Day 2 Noises in the night – Batang to Baiyu

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

I did a 360 degree sweep of the area and could see nothing, no bears not even a mouse. I stayed sill and watched and listen for 15 minutes, still nothing, I got back in the tent and eventually drifted off to sleep. I woke up again at 2.30 feeling cold, the sides of the tent were frozen, it was colder than I thought, I pulled out the other sleeping bag and soon fall back asleep. The 6am alarm went off and I felt like had not slept at all. I switched it off drifted back into dream world. I woke up again at 9am and decided it was really time to get up. I packed up had breakfast and instant coffee, still no real coffee found. I ran out a week ago. I pushed the bike up to the road and cycled back the way I had come to the junction. I had already asked another guy that morning and he had confirmed it was the right way. It was a steep climb and the road was in bad shape, initially I was doing ok, cycle about 10m stop catch my breath and carry on.  This was a good bit of road.Bad road


Then I got really steep and I had to push for a bit, luckily this only lasted a few hundred meters and I was soon back in the saddle puffing and panting as I climbed up the hill. I only passed a few people and when I could, I asked them if I was still on tracked. All seemed to be going OK until I reached a high point and started to descend. This was not in my route description. With no one to ask I kept on going. I stopped for lunch at 2pm having had a late breakfast. I managed to get a GPS location from the phone and found that one of my maps had latitude and longitude on the side. I plotted my position and was slightly relived that I was on the right road. However three seemed to by a lot more roads around than the map had and I was not 100% trusting the GPS as it was on the phone. The compass said the road ahead was north to I washed up and carried on. The road was flat now mostly, following a river. Every so often I would have to climb up a steep section and then I would be able to plod along again. I stopped at the sound of an interesting animal and looked up in the trees to see a group of monkeys. I got a glimpse of a few of them as the moved but then they were quick and soon hiding in the higher trees. I pushed on a admired a flock of birds with blue wings diving in and out of the trees and valley. I watched them as I had a break, maybe they were waiting to see if I had left any nuts or raisins behind.

Abandon huts

I pushed on leaving a few nuts for the birds and found myself by some seemingly abandon huts. It was 4.30 and the road ahead looked like it was going to climb. I decided I would set up camp here for the night and push on in the morning. Whilst I cooked dinner I pondered, I had either done the first pass, missed it by taking another road or it was still to come. All were possible but I would not know until the next day or until I arrived in BaiYu. Only one motorbike came by and it did not stop, they said hello waved and beeped their horn but that was it. As I had stopped earlier I thought I have better make good use of the time and started writing some of the blog.

camping in an abandoned hut2

While doing so a small mouse scurried from the hut under my legs. I filched and it went strait back where it came from. At least it was not a bear, still I though, best to put up the inner tent to prevent any visitors in the sleeping bag during the night. As I fell drifted of I though, I am protected from mice and bears tonight, I think. Just hope that I don’t get woken up in the middle of the night be a disgruntled or worse drunk hut owner.

Abandoned hut China, Sichuan

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