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New way to charge GPS and Phones from your bike

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Pedal Power+ have recently launched a new product the Super i Cable or SIC cable.  The SIC has additional advanced technology to enable complete compatibility with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 charging systems as well as being able to charge standard mobile phones, Smartphones, Android, GPS and other small electronic devices that can be charged from USB connection.

It hooks up to your bike dynamo and has a built in battery that will help charge your favourite gadgets when your are out and about.  The SIC cable was designed as a lightweight option for mountain bikers, commuters and day riders. Imagine tracking your favourite mountain bike route without your phone or GPS dying half way or just charging your phone on the way to work, for free.  When added to the exciting V4 or V4i battery packs it gives you up to 8,900 mAh of power, great for bicycle tourists that want to get off the beaten track but still keep listening to music, update the blog, call mum and read your book at night.

We have used our V4 battery packs every day that we have cycled, over the past twenty months. Most recently this allowed us to keep the blog updated during our crossing of the Gobi desert. See our complete electronics set up here.

Some of you may know that we are sponsored by Pedal Power Plus, but we can honestly say that their products are great.  We hope to get a SIC cable sent out to us in Mongolia soon and will be reporting back on how it copes and helps us as we cross western Mongolia.

Check out the great deals on all the PedalPower+ products here


sic cable

The all inclusive SIC set includes:
A high capacity 2200mAh 18650 Protected, Rechargeable, internal battery that is customer replaceable. Do not use any other type battery.
A short iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod cable
A short Micro USB cable
A short Mini USB cable
A short standard female USB cable
Nokia 2mm and 3.5 adapters
A led test cable
A piggyback adapter set
A handlebar clip mount
International wall charger set
External mini USB charging socket
Cable ties
Owners manual

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Millican and the ‘Gobi Coolers’

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Before embarking on our Gobi adventure, it occurred to us that with the cold temperatures and the sand, we might need some insulation for our kit, fuel and water. With temperatures below zero we were concerned that our drinking water might freeze, particularly overnight and perhaps when cycling due to the wind chill. Fuel for cooking is essential and cold temperatures can mean that it doesn’t pressurise and pump very easily. In fact when we toured in England on our John O’Groats – Land’s End trip, it froze one night in the peak district and we were unable to boil water or make porridge the next morning! We are also carrying laptop, cameras and our V4 battery packs for our bike dynamos. Neither of us were very sure how well they would cope with the cold, and most electrical items dislike sand!nicky_jorrit300

Millican are a client of Liz’s and she designed their website, and even works for them on the road, internet permitting. Jorrit and Nicky are based in Keswick, near our home in the Lake District and whilst Liz was back in the UK she met up with them and happened to mention that we were thinking about some insulation for the Gobi. Jorrit and Nicky offered to make us some custom bags and covers, and the ‘Gobi Coolers’ were born!

Millican produce organic cotton canvas bags and accessories, with a high attention to detail and design. Some of their products use locally sourced, Herdwick wool, which is a fantastic natural insulator. Our Gobi Coolers would also be using Herdwick wool and would be handmade by Vera the Dame of Sewing.

Liz left the UK to return to China and meet up with Chris again. Shortly afterward a package arrived for us in Beijing, containing our Millican Goodies.

2011-04-06 004 

The box contained 2 fuel bottle covers, 1 laptop cover, 1 camera bag, 1 battery cover,  Derek the Drinks Holder, with Andy the water bottle including a new sports top. We were delighted! Now that we have been in the Gobi for two weeks, we wanted to share our thoughts with you all and tell you about our Millican Gobi Coolers.

Fuel Bottle Cover

Stove with Millican fuel bottle cover (1024x768)These are great, robust and compact, and our MSR fuel bottle fits inside perfectly, with a neat drawstring at the top to prevent dust and dirt getting in. So far we have been keeping the fuel bottles in their covers the entire time, even to fill up at the petrol station.

It has dropped to –5 degrees overnight and we have had no problem cooking porridge in the morning and the stove has lit first time! We are very pleased with these indeed!

2011-05-12 061


We strap the fuel bottles to our bikes, in a water bottle cage, both for easy access and to keep the fuel away from everything else.


Laptop case

2011-04-06 006 This case is a sturdy, nicely padded cover that fits our 10” notebook very well. Chris carried the laptop in one of his back panniers and if the bike falls over, we don’t have to worry much about it being bashed as the case will protect it. Some people use jumpers to wrap around their computers, but out here we’ve been wanting to wear all of our jumpers!

The pocket at the back is excellent for a dongle, cable, pens, maps and a little notebook. We’ve used it as much off the bikes, in the cities, as we have on the road. However the best feature is the protection from the dust, it really does make a huge difference.


Millican currently have Joe the Ipad Cover if you are interested in a similar product. But if you like the idea of a laptop case, why not email them and tell them.

Camera bag

2011-05-12 066 We attach our small Panasonic camera to the front of the handlebars for easy access when cycling. The Millican bag has a roll top design, with a press stud style fastening. There is room for a spare battery, a cable as well as the camera.

We are finding the roll top design to be excellent at keeping the dust out and superior to design with zips as the sand can break zips pretty quickly. The stud fastening is more secure than it looks too, which is great.

2011-05-12 065

Liz likes the roominess of the bag and the fact you can just drop the camera in and take it out with ease. Chris would prefer a smaller, more compact version of the case longer term, as our camera is only small.

Millican are looking to release camera bags as part of their range in the future, so we hope than any feedback we can give them at this stage will be useful! What do you think, big, small or both?

Whilst it’s not been as cold here in the Gobi as we had expected, due to us being delayed in Beijing, it’s been great to have the Gobi Coolers. We really value the support of Nicky and Jorrit, and appreciate all their efforts to help us on our travels.


If you are interested to find out more about their product range (or perhaps you need a more original Father’s Day gift than last year!), please visit their website: It is now the season for summer shows, so if you are interested, see where they will be over the coming months.

A big thanks to all at Millican!

p.s. check out their cool and inspiring blog for more travel ideas!

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Discount bike dynamo and battery pack

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

As some of you may know Liz and I both have hub dynamos and battery packs for our bike from Great never to have to worry about your mobile phone or iPod battery running out. 

Pedal Power have a promotion on at the moment and if you mention Bikeabout then you will get an extra 10% as well.  Offer is while stocks last to don’t miss out.

See how we use our Pedal Power+ gadgets here and our review here

The DC dynamo sets are Euro 180 and include the DC cable, piggy back connector set and adapter set. Riders who want to use the iPhone must also use the v4i battery pack

The AC dynamos are Euro 89, they are 36 spoke hole and are not available for disc brake.

The rest of the prices are here

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