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After an amazing day on saturday for Bikeabout London, we spent the journey home to Chris’s mum’s house talking about all the wonderful people who made the effort to join us and support us. The journey back last night was quite long, and more and more names kept springing up as we looked back over the day.  So, overwhelmed with gratitude,  it seems only right that we should take the time to publicly thank everyone…

Firstly, thanks to all the heroic cyclists who braved the freezing cold weather to join us in Gravesend at the start of the ride start the ride: Carole, Mike, Penny, Jonathan (Crispy), Phil b, Jon, Sarah and Richard. Special thanks also to Dr Francis Sedgemore and his friend Paul, two local cyclists from Greenwich, who contacted us and offered to join us and lead the way. They did a fantastic job and made sure we all got there in once piece. It meant that Chris and I didn’t have to navigate and could spend the time chatting and cycling with our friends and family. Also a huge thanks to Clare Parry for joining us as the ‘special envoy’ for Middleham School, she even had to borrow a bike, so thank you! Full blog post coming about the ride later.

Arriving at the Gipsy Moth Pub about 3pm, we were greeted by friends, family and online followers of the blog, which was a wonderful welcome home fr us both. Having been fine a minute earlier, coming round the corner to see 30 people, with smiling faces and cheers, I felt myself welling up, overcome with emotion. We both really appreciated everyone coming down to Greenwich and giving up their Saturday to be with us (and travelling across London!), it really means a lot to us and it was so nice to see so many people.

We were extremely lucky to have 2 very generous sponsors, who kindly gave us some amazing prizes for our raffle and auction, meaning we could raise more money for our charity Child’s Dream.

Millican are based in the Lake District and have been supporting us all the way through our trip, even providing specially made ‘Gobi Coolers’ to keep our fuel bottles and laptops insulated. Millican make beautiful organic canvas bags, including shoulder bags, ipad covers and rucksacks and a lovely range of accessories, so we were thrilled to have such wonderful items to auction on the day, and there were several very happy people yesterday! Thanks very much to Nicky and Jorrit at Millican.

On the road Bramwell International crucially provided Chris with a pair of Meindl boots, when his old boots were literally about to fall apart, as well as a pair Source sandals. Bramwell International UK distributors for Source, Gregory and Meindl. Yesterday we had a whole range of fab prizes to win and the bidding on the auction was pretty competitive for  such top end prizes.

Big thanks also to Niki Wilson for helping us organise everything on the day and for setting up in the pub before we arrived, and helping publicise the event. Huge thanks to Richard Moss for doing the auction for us and helping people part with their hard earned cash for a good cause – great job!

A special thanks to Martin Burrows, who paid for Chris’s ferry crossing, met him in Dover at 4am and arranged accommodation for him, as well as breakfast. Martin also joined us in Greenwich and did a fantastic job, going round the pub collecting money from anyone and everyone he could, raising about £80 in coins alone!

Thanks also to Karen Sprunt and the girls at St Swithun’s school in Winchester for designing the ‘Welcome Home’ banner, which was hanging up for all to see.

Thanks to Sarah and Joshua Wilton for making some of the finest cup cakes to be found and selling them with all profits going to Child’s Dream.

Thanks to the staff at the Gipsy Moth Pub, Elaine and Mark, for letting us hold our party there and looking after us all day.

But of course, we must really thank everyone for coming on the day, for buying raffle tickets, cakes and bidding in the auction, helping us raise a whopping £1,070 for Child’s Dream!


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2 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. Crispy says:

    …and a HUGE thank you to Liz and Chris for cycling 16,000km and being an inspiration to us all. Saturday may have been cold, but it was a glorious day in every sense. Thank you!

  2. Ethan's mum says:

    Hi, sounds like a good day was had by all middle ham today, the children received a valuable lesson on how fortunate they are whilst having fun and gaining inspiration for their future! ! Well that is what I am led to believe from what I have been told by the kids. Oh and your beans were far tastier than how I cook them !!!
    Hope you raised some extra funds and managed a cupcake or two. Thank you for your time.

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