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Travelling with kids - more from the web

This is a popular subject and there are some fantastic blogs, resources and articles out there, all about cycle touring with kids and travelling with kids. We will be linking everything we've found, but feel free to recommend an article or blog and we'll add it to the list! Email us: hello[at]

Pedal Power family

Pedal Powered Family take to the road...

"The decision to take off again came easily. We knew the challenges we would face. We knew the rewards. We knew the magic"

Nancy Sartre-Vogel

The Vogel Family - www.familyonbikes.orgFAMILY ON BIKES - VOGEL FAMILY
This family of 4, with twins Davy and Daryl (now aged 12), cycled 1700 miles from Alaska to Argentina. In between cycling Nancy finds time to write fantastic, inspiring articles for their blog, website and various publications, here is a selection of just some of her writing...


Why we travel...

Why biking with kids is good for them and you. Examiner

Tips for bicycling with children.


Is long term family travel for you? Examiner

Families Travel To Give Children Better Education. Examiner

How to take young children on a bicycle tour. Examiner


www.familyonabike.orgFAMILY ON A BIKE - CUMBRIA
Kirstie and Stuart cycle toured with their two young children on two bikes, with two trailers, covering about 12,000 miles. They run a website with an emphasis on family adventure, to promote the benefits of active, adventurous family experiences... "We believe environmentally sensitive, family adventure travel is good for your health, relationships, education and the planet. "

Gearing up for cycle Toddling

Parenting Afloat

Schulz family adventure also see


Pedal Powered Family - www.pedalpoweredfamily.comPEDAL POWERED FAMILY
This American family (Heidi, Reuben, Eden and Harper) set off in June 2011 on a bike tour of North America... "we plan to live out our dream of exploring our continent on a year-long, 20,000km bicycle tour, starting and finishing at our home in Hamilton, Ontario." In the meantime we've really enjoyed reading about their adventures with their toddlers, in canoes and whilst pregnant...

Our first family wilderness canoeing journey, by Heidi

In the Wilderness, pregnant and with a 2 year old, by Heidi


Around the world with Luca - www.aroundtheworldwithluca.comAROUND THE WORLD WITH LUCA
In July 2010, Linda, Phil and 2 year old Luca set off around the world by bike. Here's what they say about cycle touring... "Well, despite lots of hills, buckets of rain and not a boutique hotel in sight, we had a ball. Life was, quite simply, simple. We loved the freedom of life on the bikes and pitting ourselves against the elements. We didn't just “see” the stunning countryside, we literally travelled on and breathed it."



Bike Touring With A Baby, by Travelling Two (from Freidel and Andrew, with great advice on everything cycle touring related)

Chariot Carriers Cougar - A popular Stroller / Trailer for kids

Johan, aged 8 cycles 250km, by Peter van der Lans, author of

Johanna's big day out, by Peter van der Lans, author of



Adventure Travel with Children Under Four: Proper Preparation and the Right Attitude, by Jennifer Widom - fantastic article written in 1999 which really gives you an insight into travelling with youngs kids and the reality of doing so.

“Why don't friends with kids have time?” seen on twitpic

Family Adventuring, blog by Laura Ringler

The Educational Value of Long Term Travel with Kids, Matador Abroad

A Long Weekend? How About a Whole Year? New York Times

Long–Term Travel to Europe as a Family: Making the Dream a Reality, Trekaroo

Forum on long-term family travel, Lonely Planet

Traveling Around the World with Kids, by John Higham


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