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Alpkit, hunka, gamma and snapwires

Alpkit Alpkit

Alpkit kindly offered us discount on some of their kit and we took their Hunka bivi bags, gamma headtorches and snapwires through the desert with us!

The headtorches are great, lightweight and excellent value for money. The main light is very bright, but can be adjusted to conserve battery power. There is also a green and red LED at the front, for a variety of conditons and impromptu tent discos! The battery pack is at the back and also has a red light, great for night time cycling. The torch only takes alkaline batteries, however these last a good length of time (about a month of everyday useage).

The bivi bags have been very successful, allowing us to sleep under the stars whilst in the middle of the Gobi - shooting stars galore! Chris has the Hunka XL and Liz has the smaller Hunka.

The snapwires are folding, lightweight titanium cutlery - sporks and knifes. We use these everyday and they are strong, easy to clean and most importantly they passed the strawberries and ice-cream test (see photos below)! We like them a lot.

We also have some of their dry bags which are great for separating kit inside panniers bags. Lastly we have some small Karibiners which are ace - really useful for all sorts of things, and some thin cord that we use as a washing line, so thanks for those Alpkit!

For prices and latest products, visit the Alpkit website:


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