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Hub dynamoPedal Power +PedalPower+

PedalPower+ are an Australian based company, who have given us tremeduous support during our bike adventure, with hub dynamos for both bikes, a V4 Battery Pack and V4i Battery Pack, plus an array of cables, tips and connectors to allow us to charge all our gadgets! PedalPower+ allows us to generate and store our own power as we cycle, giving us clean, green energy to charge ipods and batteries, wherever we are in the world...

Initially we were wary of getting a hub dynamo due to the resistance that it would cause. To our surprise and delight we don’t notice any difference at all. In fact it feels great to know that every pedal stroke is generating free electricity and reducing our need to pay for power.

It takes about 10 hours of cycling to fully charge the battery, for us this is two to three days of riding depending on the hills. The power stored on each battery is enough to charge a mobile 2-3 times. We can also charge our small devices directly from the dynamos as we cycle.

To read more about our specific set up see our resources article: Bicycle Touring Self Sufficient Power for Gadgets This has information about voltage and the types of devices you can charge using PedalPower+.

For prices and latest products, visit the PedalPower+ website:


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