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Our support team

Carole Leakey

Carole Leakey - Natural Balance Therapies Carole, Chris's Mum is a massage therapist and specialises in sport and sport injury massage. She has given us great advice on stretching and even shown us how to massage each other. This has helped keep the injuries and aches and pains away. Every now and again though we still get a stretch or a pull and Carole is on hand to give us advice to get things working again. Carole is also helping raise funds for Childs Dream.

Carole runs Natural Balance Holistic Therapies and offers Holistic, Sports and Sports injury massage, based in Hampton near London.


Dr Richard Hargrave

Dr Richard HargraveIt's always useful to have a friend who's a Doctor. Rich has helped us prepare for some of the worse case scenarios like needing to stitch a bad cut when we are miles from nowhere.

He is also on hand for general advice. Thankfully cycling is keeping us pretty fit and healthly and we have not had much more to worry about than the odd cold.


Sarah Leakey

Sarah LeakeySarah has set up a network of teachers and schools across the world, giving children the opportunity to connect and share via the web and skype.

The schools are all supporting our charity, Child's Dream and undertaking fundraising projects to raise money for children in South east Asia.

The aims of the project and network are:

  • To broaden our own children’s horizons by letting them experience other countries and cultures from all walks of life.

  • To empower our children to make a difference and show them that you’re never too small to make a change.

  • Provide them with a real context for a whole host of valuable learning opportunities.

  • Have a huge amount of fun!

To find out more go to:

Connecting Children: Brightening Futures

And follow Sarah's Year 2 class blog here:

Class Blog:





Help us raise £20,000 to build a school with Child's Dream in South East Asia.

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